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We are The Energy Deal Makers.SM Since 2003, La Esperanza has successfully identified producing properties and lease acquisition opportunities for global energy clients and investors, including our most recent play in the Montana Bakken Petroleum System. Our relationships, industry expertise and proven performance set us apart as a trusted partner in pairing buyers and sellers for the production of oil and gas interests and funding of lease acquisition, drilling, operations and development. Please watch for our new website coming soon.

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The most recent oil and gas play in which La Esperanza was involved is the acquisition by a major, publicly traded company of over two hundred fifty thousand net mineral acres located in the Montana Bakken. La Esperanza entered into a contract with the owner of substantial leases in the Montana Bakken play in the Fourth Quarter of 2011 and introduced that play to the public company in January, 2012. Within an eight month period the public company had closed and funded the acquisition of the initial two hundred fifty thousand net mineral acres introduced by La Esperanza, closed and funded an additional fifty thousand net mineral acres, and began drilling activities. The company purchasing the leases has reported that this acquisition has a potential resource of one billion barrels of oil with over nineteen hundred potential drilling locations.

Who We Are

Nancy L. Shockey
Chief Executive Officer

Nancy Shockey is one of a kind. She is an overcomer. She has faced countless challenges and adversities during her business career and has taken on tough assignments with an unparalleled determination and drive. Ms. Shockey has a proven track record to excel where others have failed. The one constant that can be said about Ms. Shockey is that she will find a way to succeed and help her clients achieve their goals. She has achieved great success over the last thirty years in her business career. During her career she has dealt with the global financial marketplace and energy sector for both Fortune 500® and privately held, entrepreneurial companies. Each endeavor involving either the financial marketplace or large public or private companies has had its challenges; and she has been up to the task. Even more important to her than personal success in her business life, is that she values her name and integrity and is committed to building long term relationships with her clients and business partners. Every client and business partner is treated with respect and dignity. When she speaks or commits to a position, all those involved know that her word is her bond. Nancy Shockey's reputation precedes her in business ventures and opens doors that would not normally be open.

As a result of her business acumen and integrity, Ms. Shockey has been actively involved in the development of internationally acclaimed shale gas lease acquisition plays, including La Esperanza's recent success in a major Montana Bakken deal.

Prior to La Esperanza, Ms. Shockey was Chief Executive Officer of oil and gas development and exploration company, Legacy Exploration, LLC. Her professional background is deeply rooted in the securities industry and the international banking and financial marketplace. Prior to entering the energy sector, Ms. Shockey served as First Vice President of Paine Webber and was a Securities Broker and Top Producer for E. F. Hutton/Shearson Lehman Hutton.

Ms. Shockey is an Associate of the CPA firm of Roger M. Burkholder, CPA, PC, which provides services to over seven hundred energy clients and lawyer and law firm clients. In addition to her dedication to business endeavors, Ms. Shockey is co-founder and CEO of the La Esperanza Christian Foundation and an active supporter of numerous charitable and arts-related causes.

Roger M. Burkholder, CPA

Roger Burkholder has more than forty years professional experience in which he has specialized in helping companies and individuals within the energy sector, accumulate and preserve their wealth by focusing on tax accounting and tax preparation. Mr. Burkholder has proven that he can identify potential problems before they develop and is both creative and innovative in dealing with those issues. He is highly respected in his profession and his expertise spans the disciplines of business development, strategic planning, marketing, finance, corporate strategy and tax. In his capacity with La Esperanza, Mr. Burkholder was able to use his business acumen and expertise to assist in the development of the Texas Palo Duro Basin Shale Gas play, as well as the major Montana Bakken deal and others.

Mr. Burkholder began his career in the United States Army Judge Advocate General's Corp as a Legal Specialist where he received an Army Commendation Medal for Excellence. He then joined the Internal Revenue Service where he rose to Chief Auditor of the Appeals Division for the southern half of Texas. Later, he served as Tax Manager for an international CPA firm, and then Vice President of Finance for Hall Houston Oil Company. He is also President of the CPA firm of Roger M. Burkholder, CPA, PC, which provides services to over seven hundred energy clients and lawyer and law firm clients. He is a co-founder of La Esperanza Christian Foundation.

James Buller
Executive Vice President

James Buller and his contribution to the Executive Team of La Esperanza is a perfect fit. Mr. Buller not only provides over twenty years of business management, marketing and operations experience which is deeply rooted in the Oil and Gas Industry, but also provides energy and endurance in taking on and accomplishing tasks despite their size and difficulty. For example, in his capacity with La Esperanza as the Executive Vice President, he spearheaded the development of the Texas Palo Duro Basin Shale Gas play, as well as the recent Montana Bakken deal.

In what would appear to be record breaking time in the industry, La Esperanza became a major player in the Palo Duro Basin acquiring over 350,000 acres of Oil & Gas Leases and overriding royalty interests and data sharing rights in over 500,000 acres in less than one year's time. Mr. Buller's dedication to and belief in the success of this acquisition as well as his willingness to "roll up his sleeves" and oversee the acquisition of the leases for the acreage was crucial to La Esperanza's success.

The most recent Montana Bakken play in which La Esperanza was involved was the acquisition by Texas based Apache Corporation of over Two Hundred Fifty Thousand Net Mineral Acres, known as The Three Forks Bakken Prospect in Daniels County. La Esperanza entered into a contract with the Sellers of that acreage in the fourth quarter of 2011 and introduced the play to Apache Corporation in January 2012. The sale was closed and funded with additional acreage being acquired within eight months. Mr. Buller's expertise and his "never give up attitude" was instrumental to the success of that deal closing.

Prior to working for La Esperanza, Mr. Buller had many years of experience in the oil patch in several key hands-on positions. He is no stranger to hard work and long hours and his attitude focuses on getting the job done. He has demonstrated that work ethic consistently with the La Esperanza team and to its clients for over a decade.

Mr. Buller is an Associate of the CPA firm of Roger M. Burkholder, CPA, PC Firm, which provides services to over seven hundred energy clients and lawyer and law firm clients. Mr. Buller also serves as a Director of the La Esperanza Christian Foundation.